Terms And Conditions

    Please read these terms and conditions before using or ordering product from Sulah Bazaar website, you indicate that you understand, agree and consent to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions please do not use this website. You may not access or use this website for any purpose other than that for which Sulah Bazaar makes the site available.

  • Copyright :-

    This website and all content contained within it are protected by copy right and no portion of it may be used without permission from Sulah Bazaar.

  • Legal Capacity:-

    Use of the website is available only to a person from legally binding contracts under Indian contract Act, 1872. Persons who are "incompetent to contract" within the meaning of the Indian contract act 1872 including minor, un-discharged insolvents etc are not eligible to use the website.

    Sulah Bazaar reserves the right to terminate your registration, if Sulah Bazaar found you are bellow the age of 18 years.

    Sulah Bazaar sells various products under various categories to the public at large through it's website (www.sulahbazaar.com).

  • Jurisdiction of sale:-

    Jurisdiction of sale only in Maharashtra. Sulah Bazaar is not responsible for supply of products for the products order from other state, countries other than Maharashtra.

    Sulah Bazaar is obliged to sell the product at listed to end buyer.

    Sulah Bazaar shall not sale the products on website which are prohibited under the law.

    All items / products will be shipped with invoice of Sulah Bazaar.

    Before placing an order, buyer should check the product description carefully by placing an order for product. Buyer agreed to bind by the condition of sale included in the items / products description.

  • Confirm order:-

    Buyer will receive E-mail from Sulah Bazaar.

    Sulah Bazaar ship out order in all week days (Monday to Saturday) excluding public holiday.

    Sulah Bazaar will deliver the products within 15 days after receiving buyers purchase order.

    Buyer can file dispute within 45 days from the date of delivery of the product.

  • Mode of delivery:-(Courier)

    Sulah Bazaar is not responsible for any delay or delivery due to force majeure. Force majeure shall means event that is beyond the reasonable control of Sulah Bazaar. (E.g. Flood, accident, fire etc.)

    Buyer obligation to pay for the payment already ordered from the website. Buyer can request a return order of the product within 3 days from receiving the products.

  • Return Policy:-

    A Sulah Bazaar can always accept the return policy:
    1) if buyer received a damage or defective product.
    2) Sulah Bazaar shipped a wrong product. Buyer will inform to Sulah Bazaar / buyer can write to sales@sulahbazaar.com within 3 days of receiving the product or call to 9689097854 at 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

    Product must be returned by buyer within maximum of 11 working days from the date of receiving the product.

    Sulah Bazaar retains the right to examine whether the returned product is defective or damaged. In case the returned is not defective or damage the buyer will be inform about the same the product as received will be returned to the shipping address of the buyer.

    Sulah Bazaar will send the replacement of the product within maximum of 5 working days after receiving the product from buyer.

    Sulah Bazaar will not accept returned product from buyer if request for return is made after 3 days & product is used or is not in it’s original condition

  • Replace:-

    In case of returned product is eligible for a replace. Sulah Bazaar will send the replacement of the same shipping of buyer subject to availability of the stock of the product.

  • Refund:-

    If a buyer returns the product and request for a refund the amount refunded would be price paid for the product.

    Sulah Bazaar will send refund amount within a maximum of three working days after receiving product from a buyer.

    Sulah Bazaar will send refund amount through cheque in favour of the billing name provided at the time of placing the order.

    Refund shall be made in Indian rupees only and shall be equivalent to transaction price received in Indian rupees.

  • Price:-

    Price displayed with items on website including the shipping charges, applicable taxes. Price shall means the cost at which the product are to be delivered to the buyer including of shipping charges, applicable taxes.

    The selling price depends upon the nature of the product. Buyer's obligation to pay for the payment already ordered from the site.

    Sulah Bazaar reserves the right to modify / change and withdraw the offer / price at any time without notice to the buyer.

    Buyer can file a dispute within 45 days from the date of delivery of the product.

    Any purchase of the product from the website will be strictly for personal use of the buyer.

  • Mode of payment:-


    1. Purchase Smart Product from Sulah Bazaar website and get referal code. Invite your friends for purchase the Smart Products from Sulah Bazaar and get minimum Rs.100, You will get your Amount within 20 days after purchasing date.
    2. Invite friends for purchase product other than samart product and get minimum Rs.10.
    3. Get minimum Rs.50 for advertisement of sulah bazar website. Sulah Bazaar selects the customers for advertisement of Sulah Bazaar website and gives them minimum Rs.50, you will get your Amount within 20 days after selection. when you are selected by Sulah Bazaar.Sulah Bazaar will send you a msg on your registered Mobile No. or Email Address.
    Above T&C will be Change/Modify/Cancel any time without prior notice to the users and customers. All Right Reserved by Sulah Bazaar.


    1. Demand Draft.

    You can pay by Demand Draft of the required amount in the favour of Sulah Bazaar Online e-commerce Store.

    Address: 267/1 Near Khandoba Mandir, Old, Phaltan-Baramati Rd,Mangalwarpeth, Phaltan.Dist:Satara, Maharashtra 415523


    1. Credit Card/Debit Card.

    2. Internet Banking.

    3. Mobile Wallet.

    Sulah Bazaar reserves the right to change these terms & conditions any time without prior notice to buyer or user.

  • Intellectual property right policy:-

    Sulah Bazaar protects the intellectual property of third party rightful owner. Unauthorized used or infringement of copyrighted material and trademark strictly prohibited at Sulah Bazaar. If you see something, which you believe is violating the intellectual property act please you can right to sales@sulahbazaar.com

    Sulah Bazaar reserve the right to recover the cost of good, collection charges and layer fees form persons using the site fraudulently Sulah Bazaar reserve the right to initiate legal proceeding against such person from fraudulent use of the Sulah Bazaar website and any other unlawful act or omission in breach of these term and condition.

  • Governing Law and jurisdiction:-

    www.sulahbazaar.com(website) is created and control by Sulah Bazaar this terms and conditions shall be construed only in accordance with the laws of India. In respect of all claims, matters, disputes arising out of, in connection with or in relation to these terms and conditions, only competent courts at Phaltan,Dist-Satara,Maharashtra. Sulah Bazaar reserve right to make changes to the terms and conditions and disclaimers in any time without information to the buyers/ customers/ user of the Sulah Bazaar. Buyer / user are advised to regularly check for any amendment or update to the term and condition contained herein.

  • Disclaimer:-

    Sulah Bazaar attempt to be as accurate as possible. However Sulah Bazaar does not warrant that product description or other content or price / amount on Sulah Bazaar.com are accurate complete and reliable or error-free.

  • Arbitration:-

    The dispute shall be first referred to a sole arbitration who shall be independent and neutral third party identified by Sulah Bazaar. The arbitration and cancellation act 1996, shall govern the arbitration proceedings. If and dispute arises buyer and Sulah Bazaar in connection with the validity, violation of term of use and term and condition.

  • Place of Arbitration:-

    The place of arbitration shall be at Phaltan, Maharashtra.

    All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Phaltan Court. The contest is valid only in Maharashtra.

    If you have any question with regarding to these terms and conditions please contact to customer officer.

  • Customer Officer:-

    Name:- Latika Surendra Sartape. -Proprietor, Sulah Bazaar

    Registered office:- 267/1 Near Khandoba Mandir, Old, Phaltan - Baramati Rd, Mangalwarpeth, Phaltan, Dist.Satara, Maharashtra 415523.

    Phone No:- 9689097854

    E-mail Id:- sales@sulahbazaar.com

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